Tlon reinc Wiki

The attributes menu (top)

Attributes are Skills that can be leveled up to upgrade your character and get certain benefits. In order to upgrade skills, you need Attribute Points (AP) which are given every time you level up (fill your experience bar). Every time you level up, you will receive 3 Attribute Points that can be spent. 

There are currently 8 attributes that you can level up:

  • MANA

To open your attributes menu, press F by default.


Health determines how long you survive in a fight. By default, your health starts at 20, though by leveling up you can increase your health. Every AP you spend on Health increases it by 1 per AP spent. Health can be seen on the top right hand corner of your Heads Up Display, or HUD, as a red bar. When your health is spent and becomes zero, you will die. Health will automatically regenerate over time.


Mana determines whether you can cast magic spells using Mage Staffs and whether you can use Special Attacks. The more mana you have, the more spells you can cast and the better Special Attacks you can use. Every AP you spend on Mana increases it by 3 per AP spent. Mana can be seen in the top right hand corner of your HUD, under Health, as a blue bar. When your Mana is depleted, you will not be able to cast spells or Special Attacks until it recharges.

Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration[]

Health and Mana Regeneration (HEALTH REGEN and MANA REGEN respectively) determine how fast your Health and Mana regenerate. This is limited to the level of the Attribute and the higher the level, the faster Health and Mana regenerate. Health and Mana will only regenerate up to your maximum Health and Mana level. 

For example: A Health Bar with 5/32 will only regenerate the 27 points that need to be gained back. It does not cause the Health Bar to exceed the maximum Health stat (In this case, 32).


The higher your Speed level is, the faster you will move. Speed is represented by a ratio (Example: 1.0) that determines whether you will go normal speed (1.0), twice normal speed (2.0), etc. Each AP point spent will cause you to move (amount) faster.

Defense []

The higher your Defense level, the less damage you take. This is also dependant on your armour.

Magic Damage[]

Magic Damage, incorrectly spelled MAGE DMG, determines how much damage you inflict when you use a magic-based attack (usually attributes and especially Mage Bolts from a Mage Staff).