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The assassin is a mostly speed and stealth based unit that sacrifices a good deal of mana-related attributes and only  possesses medium attack and defense . Unlike the other classes, the Assassin's first abilities aren't combat based. Instead, the Assassin's primary skills function mainly as navigational assets (e.g. feather fall allows safer exploration of difficult terrain, invisibilty allows a quick getaway, and speed freak gives faster travel). The Assassin's weapon is the dagger, a smaller version of the sword that's less powerful but cheaper and better suited to the Assassin's fighting style.


Starting Statistics[]


18 Health


3 Mana


25 Attack


28 Defense


1.35 Speed


As stated before, the Assassin is fast. Very fast. When fully upgraded, the Assassin is capable of outrunning virtually every other mob in the game.


In exchange for it's speed, the Assassin sacrifices a great deal of his / her mana-based abilities. This is extremely troublesome when activating abilities, as it makes each ability suffer a severely extended cooldown rate and makes them difficult to activate.


Feather Fall (level 0)[]

The Assassin's basic skill, feather fall prevents any fall damage for the duration of the skill.

Invisibility (level 10)[]

Gained at level ten, invisibilty reduces the Assassin's chance of detection.

Speedfreak (level 20)[]

Once at level twenty, the assassin gains speedfreak to let him run insanely fast while only suffering normal stamina loss. However, the world warps while this skill is in effect, making fighting more challenging.

Double Hit (level 30)[]

Contrary to what the name suggests, this ability does not cause the Assassin to perform two consecutive hits the way a Mage's triple blast does. Rather, it doubles the damage of all attacks dealt while the ability is in effect, making it very effective for dealing massively powerful critical hits. However, the duration is very short. Therefore, it's better to utilize the ability while simultaneously spamming the attack button. (Is effected by increasing Mana Damage)


  • The Assassin's low mana prevents the player from actually using invisibility and other skills even if they level up. This can be solved by upgrading the mana until the skill works.