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The beserker is a massively powerful class in terms of attack strength and health that can overwhelm vitually any enemy. This is the best class for players who want to beat the fudge out of things without having to waste time thinking about their health.


Starting Statistics[]


30 Health


1 Mana


40 Attack


65 Defense


0.8 Speed


The Beserker is, by the loosest definition, a human tank. IT takes a very, very large amount of damage to seriously wound a Beserker, and even then he / she can just it off and return the hit with intrest.


With a base speed of 0.8, the Beserker is the slowest class in the game and is guaranteed to suffer damage from almost every combat situation. This is especially true for boss battles, as most bosses hit hard enough to make even the Berserker cry. In addition, the Beserker has practically no mana (actually one) and has a difficult time activating any of it's abilities.


Strong Attack I[]

First Beserker skill, Increases your damage considerably and adds the effect of Strength II[Increases damage dealt with melee attacks by 6 ] for 8 seconds

Lava Axe[]

Obtained by Beserker at level 10, it makes the next hit (with a hammer) lights enemy on fire, causing it to get 1 damage per second (I have not had a chance to test if magic damage increases damage fire, if someone has the time ...)


Gives Speed IV for 0:25 seconds

Monster Crusher[]

Next hit (with a hammer) will cause the target to be released into the air, taking falling damage

Strong Attack II[]

Gives Strength III for 15 seconds