Tlon reinc Wiki

The warrior is a melee class with well-balanced attributes; the warrior neither relies entirely on mana like the mage , evasion strategies like the assassin, or brute strength like the beserker. In all, the warrior is the best class for players unsure about which class suits them best.


Starting Statistics[]


22 Health


10 Mana


30 Attack


45 Defense


1.0 Speed


The Warrior has a balance of attack and defense and has average speed. This makes the warrior suitable for straight, head on combat as well as having half decent mana for Special Attacks.



Most op move of all. Engulfs enemy in a large explosion. On crits makes a tnt shower

Attack Boost[]

Gives strength for fifteen seconds

Explosive Strike[]

The next strike delivered after this ability is activated will cause a large explosion in addition to the original sword strike. Can only be used ONCE per activation and can stack with attack boost. Explosive strike has the potential to destroy loot so use cautiously.

Fire Wave[]

Creates a wave of fire particles that have the potential to set any nearby mobs. This ability is rather unpredictable, and may set you on fire or completely miss.