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Wisp Remains are the remains different types of Wisps drop. All the Remains can be made into Crystals, which are very important to create high level weapons, life crystals, and much more.

There are currently 7 Different Remains. These are: Magic Remains , Corrupted Remains, Air Remains, Water Remains, Fire Remains, Earth Remains, Wisdom Remains

Creating Crystals[]

Magic Crystal Recipe (works with all other remains the same)

To create Crystals you place 9 of the same type of Wisp Remains into a crafting table.

Magic Remains[]

The most basic kinds of remains, magic remains can obtained from any type of wisp. Magic remains are used to craft magic crystals, which are used to craft mystic crystals (fill up the grid), used alongside mystic ingots to create mystic equipment, or combined with five piles of glowstone dust to create arcane dust or  Elemental Remains

Elemental Remains (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Remains) are rare Items that can be obtained from special, elemental Wisps. For example to get Water Remains you have to kill Wisps which can only be found in the jungle (Ocean Wisp, Water Wisp, ...) and air remains can only be found near the ice hills. They all have a drop Chance between 5-15%

Once the Elemental Remains are made into a Crystal they can be used to craft Elemetal Weapons.

Most Weapon/Armor Recipes stay the same except you have to use these crystals. However, with certain armor, certain parts (usually the center column and the handles) are replaced with a special crystal

Corrupted Remains[]

Corrupted Remains are special Remains that can be optained from Corrupted Wisps, Tainted Wisps, Vicous Wisps, etc...

Corrupted Remains are used to create Corrupted Crystals which are combined with creeper bones to create Apocalyptic Dust.

Corruped Remains can also be used to upgrade a Tier 2 Health Potion to a Tier 3 Health Potion. They can also be used to create a life crystal.

Wisdom Remains[]

Wisdoms remains are special Remains dropped by Sacred Wisps, Widsom Wisps, Golden Wisps (?), ect.

Wisdom remains are used to craft wisdom crystals which can be used to craft Wisdom Boots .

Drop Chance of Magic Remains[]

The higher the level of a normal Wisp, the more Magic Remains you'll get if you kill one. Some Wisps can drop up to 10 Magic Remains when killed.